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Experience quality plastic manufacturing with DSK Mothership, a South African leader in high-end leisure products.

Our premium rotomoulding service offers a seamless, all-in-one solution worldwide. From concept to shipping, we excel in product development, prototyping, and advanced technology-driven manufacturing, ensuring perfection even in complex shapes.

Our in-house brands, DesignKayaks and The Lounger, are exported to more than 20 countries, boasting thousands of satisfied customers since 2018.

For innovative, premium plastic product manufacturing, reach out to us. Your visionary product is our passion.

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Inside the Factory

At the heart of DSK Mothership lies our state-of-the-art rotomoulding technology. Employing integrated sensors and specialized software, we optimize plastic temperature and flow in real time during moulding, ensuring impeccable product outcomes. Data is meticulously logged, analyzed, and scrutinized to guarantee consistent, top-tier quality.

Our comprehensive approach spans raw material sourcing, assembly, quality control, and shipping. Guided by a proficient team, our facility boasts annual governmental and local authority certifications. At DSK Mothership, cutting-edge technology and skilled expertise coalesce to produce only the highest quality.

South Africa for Sustainability.

Diverging from conventional mass production, our products are exclusively crafted on a per-order basis, mitigating the risks of overproduction and the depletion of natural resources. Guided by a profound respect for the environment, we hold our suppliers and partners to exacting standards in recycling and resource conservation.

Transparency is our cornerstone. Should you desire to explore our operations firsthand, we extend a warm invitation for you to reach out. It would be our pleasure to facilitate a visit, allowing you to witness our processes in person.


OEM Manufacturing

DSK Mothership provides comprehensive OEM services (Original Equipment Manufacturing), encompassing the entire spectrum from the initial concept to market-ready realization.

  • In-depth R&D consultation
  • Precise 1:1 prototyping
  • Streamlined manufacturing processes

Our core expertise lies in the creation of premium rotomoulded products, tailored for watersport and leisure applications, ideally suited for smaller production runs. However, our capabilities extend beyond, welcoming diverse product categories. Our mastery in advanced 3-layer construction enables the production of rotomoulded items spanning up to 6 meters in length.

Quality Manufacturing You Can Trust.

We know how costful and devastating to your business it can be to choose the wrong supplier. DSK Mothership is your guarantee for the best rotomoulding products in South Africa.


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